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   "Every person wants to remember himself happy, sincere, beautiful, successful!


   When you yourself are open to the world, when you yourself are happy, then these same people will be drawn to you...


These are the memories and photos that come out as a result ..."



         Oksana & Kirill Lopatko

   Hello! We are Oksana and Kirill Lopatko, the founders of KANOE Production and the ideological inspirers of our photo-video team! We live in Kiev and work all around Europe.

   We grew up in full families, our parents were able to invest in us that piece of wisdom and love, which allowed us to create a strong and happy family! We got married early, our romance has been going on for 12 years now, we are raising a wonderful fidget son!

   One simple truth that is important for us and which we always use in our work: every person wants to remember himself happy, sincere, open, beautiful, successful! When you yourself are open to the world, when you yourself are happy, then these same people will be drawn to you.  It is these photos that are obtained as a result... Something led you to our site, perhaps this is just a pattern :) Sincere and happy - all our couples are like that... We try to make you comfortable with us. We understand you more than anyone else, because we ourselves are young, happy, we've experienced moments of preparation for the wedding, dreamed of children, of a happy family...

   We travel a lot, discover interesting corners of the world, get inspired! This is so important for photographers! Only in the last few years we have visited new Asian countries: in India, in Goa, we spent a wonderful month. And two months traveled by car through Thailand, saw the amazing life of the Thais and lived on 3 completely different paradise islands - Koh Samui, Phuket and Phangan. Less than a year ago we were traveling and filming in Montenegro and Germany, we also managed to see such European countries as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, visited our beloved Czech Republic. In April we are flying on an interesting trip around Iceland, we will see the northern lights, geysers, volcanoes, a beach of black volcanic sand, unique in its beauty and rarity! We have a busy wedding season in 2019, part of the time we shoot in Ukraine, in Kiev, part of the weddings in Germany and the Netherlands. We plan to spend the winter in Egypt.
Dreams come true, the main thing is to believe and do the work you love. The world is so diverse and interesting, in our photos and videos, we try first of all to convey the sincerity of the moment, beauty in those details that are unnoticeable at first glance that are inherent in this particular pair, this family. Always feel the moment and always live it with you!

   We are very friendly with colleagues, we are the founders of the community of the best wedding videographers in Kiev. It is important for us, because we share our experience, the peculiarities of the approach to shooting, we teach others and get professional advice.


We are grateful to all the couples who have entrusted us to write a page of their endlessly happy story!

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