Our mission is to capture authentic, timeless and evocative wedding photography and film. For us as wedding photographers and filmmakers, wedding photography and videography should celebrate your culture, traditions, families and reconnect you to your memories in the years to come.

Wedding Photo
Wedding Film 

“ Love is the best motivation” 

Wherever you are, whoever you are, true and sincere love makes you better. It gives strength, confidence, energy to live, create, love, seek.


We do things differently. We believe that the best moments happen spontaneously throughout the day. Wedding photography should tell your story from the early morning excitement as you slip into your dress, all the way through to your guests throwing down on the dancefloor. Our ideal days wildly authentic, fun and genuine, fake cake cuts do not light us up, your first dance does.


Above all, we care. Planning a wedding is an incredible journey that we feel privileged to share with you. We are available in the lead up to your wedding to answer your questions, help draft your timeline, offer advice on confetti choices (hint, always choose paper or petals) and listen to your ideas when everyone else is wedding’d out.

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What is included in the price?

We are engaged in wedding photography and video filming in Europe and in winter in Asia. Also, our services include aerial photography from the drone, the design of photo books and professional video editing. In more detail, what is included in the price you can see on our website in the appropriate section.

How many people are in your team?

In our team, depending on the complexity of the order, from the goals set and the number of guests at the event, there are from 2 to 8 operators.

What's about payment?

We have several payment options up to your choice. The first is a prepayment of 20%, the residue amount is 80% on the day of the shooting of the event. The second option is a prepayment of 30%, then 40% on the day of event shooting, and the rest of 30% on receiving the finished materials

How long does it take to process a wedding shoot?

The maximum term of all jobs are done from 12-15 hours of shooting day is 45-60 working days. Minimum for orders of 6 shooting hours - 30 working days. 

What locations for wedding shoot would you recommend?

For each couple and shoot, we discuss individually where to go. Since everyone has different timing of the event, different locations and requirements. Having studied these issues in detail, we, together with the newlyweds, draw up a detailed plan, where and what to shoot, in what locations and at what time of the wedding day

How to organize your transfer?

We travel to different points of Europe and of the world. We arrive to Europe / Asia by plane and just rent a car. For orders in Kiev and the surrounding areas, we use our cars.